1. We believe in the LITERAL INTERPRETATION of the Bible in all passages except where allegory, metaphor, and other literary methods are clearly taught.

2. We believe the BIBLE consisting of both Old and New Testaments, is the inerrant, accurate historically and scientifically, the verbally inspired Word of God, and is Godís complete revelation of Himself to mankind. We endorse the King James Version in our studies as the Word of God (II Tim. 3:16; II Pet. 1:21).

3. We believe the TRIUNE GOD has eternally existed in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God as FATHER reigns with providential care over His universe, His creatures, and the flow of human history according to the purpose of grace and sovereign will. He is all powerful, all loving, and all wise. (Gen. 1:1; 2:7; Deut. 6:4; Matt. 28:19; I Cor. 8:6; I John 5:7).

4. We believe that Jesus Christ was virgin-born to be the visible image of the invisible God; He took upon Himself human nature that He might die on the cross as our substitutionary sacrifice; He arose victoriously from the dead; and He ascended into Heaven as our Great High Priest (Matt. 1:18-25; Col. 1:15; Phil. 2:5-8; Luke 24; Heb. 4:13-16).

5. We believe the HOLY SPIRIT of God has a present ministry of convicting man of his sins, saving a sinner, and indwelling the believer for a life of service to Christ (John 16:7-11; Eph. 1:12-17; Rom:81-27).

6. We believe in the FALL OF MAN to a sinful state after he was originally created in the image of God; that except a person repents of his sins, he will perish in a place of eternal punishment called Hell (Gen. 3; 1:26, 27; Luke 13:3-5; II Thess. 1:7-10).

7. We believe that SPIRITUAL SALVATION occurs only when one believes in Christ; accepts Him personally as Lord and Saviour, and repents of his sins; then God forgives his sins, gives him eternal life, and adopts him into His heavenly family (Acts 6:31-32; Rom. 10:9, 10; Acts 3:19; I John 1:9; John 3:15; Eph. 1:1-5).

8. We believe that Jesus Christ will RAPTURE His Church to Heaven before the GREAT TRIBULATION period; after that, He will return at His second coming to earth with His saints for His MILLENNIAL REIGN then following Satan being loosed for a season, God will raise the unsaved for the GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT, where He will cast all unsaved sinners into the ETERNAL LAKE OF FIRE; then He will bring all His saints into the NEW HEAVEN AND EARTH for all eternity (I Thess. 4:13-18; Matt. 24:21; I Thess. 3:13; Acts 1:11, Matt. 25:31; Rev. 20:3, 12-15; 21:1-6).

9. We believe that Jesus has established LOCAL CHURCHES, comprised of His believers, who have been scripturally baptized by water immersion, and have been called to preach the Gospel among all nations (Matt. 16:18; Acts 2:38-47; Matt. 28:19-20).

10. We believe that Christians are Godís holy temples on earth and that each should live a SEPARATED LIFE from worldly living and all appearances of evil (I Cor. 6:19-20; Rom. 12:1; II Cor. 6:17; I Thess. 5:22).



     The American Bible College(A.B.C.), as its name implies, is definitely NOT a secular institution, but it is strictly a fundamental Baptist College and should not be confused with secular schools. The awards given upon satisfactory completion of the courses do not in any way represent qualifications for service in any secular field. The A.B.C. trains only for Christian service. Although the A.B.C. was the first college listed by Floridaís State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities in 1973, it does not seek secular accreditation for the aforementioned reasons.


     The American Bible College was originally founded in August, 1913 in the State of Oregon and later moved to the State of Michigan. On September 2, 1942, the A.B.C. was relocated to Chicago under the direction of Dr. Guy W. Hyatt. Then on August 16, 1960, the A.B.C. made its final move to its oceanfront campus on Pine Island, Florida. The A.B.C. is believed to be the oldest fundamental Christian correspondence college in America. During World War II and later, the A.B.C. was used to train service personnel and working laymen who needed Christian training to fill vacant pulpits due to military enlistment of clergy. Throughout its history, the A.B.C. has offered a viable option to Christians who could not afford a traditional campus education. Also, the A.B.C. has been advantageous to full-time Christian workers desiring to further their Christian education although they were too distant for daily class commuting. Likewise, the A.B.C. has had great success in its prison ministry. In the past 80 years, the A.B.C. has trained thousands of Christian workers as Sunday School teachers, missionaries, evangelists, Christian school instructors, and ministers. Today, truly the sun never sets upon the graduates of the American Bible College, for its work had circled the globe.


     The mission of the American Bible College is to bring honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ by training men and women to evangelize the world and to edify these Christians. The College endeavors to accomplish this mission by helping its students to develop self-discipline, spiritual growth, a knowledge of Godís Word, and their spiritual gifts.


     The American Bible College is located on Pine Island in the southwest Florida community of Pineland. Pineland is located on the Gulf of Mexico about 25 miles northwest of Fort Myers.

Online Catalog

Course # Course Title Credits
IMTC 1001  Part I: Bible Beginnings 2
The beginning of the Semitic Race - Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph. Moses the Deliverer, Lawgiver and Prophet.
IMTC 1002  Part II: Israel's Foundation 2
The ministries of Joshua, Caleb, Deborah, Gideon, Ruth, Hannah, Samuel, Saul, and David.
IMTC 1003  Part III: Israel's Kingdom 2
The Divided Kingdom. A Century of Turmoil. Judahís Golden Age. After the Exile.
IMTC 1004  Part IV: Jesus' Ministry 2
The Fullness if. Time. The Silent Years. The Year of Beginnings. The Year of Tours. The Year of Withdrawals. The Crucifixion Week.
IMTC 1005  Part V: The Life of Paul 2
Paulís Early Life. Paulís Conver-sion. Paulís Missionary Journeys. Paulís Imprisonment and Voyage to Rome.
IMTC 1006  Part VI: The Canon 2
The Canon of Scripture. The Ancient Manuscripts. Old Bible Versions. English Versions. Present Bible Position.
IMTC 1007  Studies In Engilsh Bible 2
This course explains Godís Preservation of His Word from the original Inspiration to our present Version.
IMTC 1008  Studies In Genesis 2
This is an expository study of the beginnings of the universe, earth, mankind, sin, society and the Hebrew nation. It deals with the scientific aspects of the beginnings.
IMTC 1009  Studies In Exodus - Part I 2
The Divided Kingdom; A Century of Turmoil; Judahís Golden Age; After the Exile.
IMTC 1010  Studies In Exodus - Part II 2
Godís Covenant with His People; The Divine Worship of Godís Covenant People.
IMTC 1011  Studies In Leviticus 2
The Offerings; The Laws of the Offerings; Consecration; Warnings; A Set-apart People; Atonement; Peopleís Relationship to God; The Feasts of Jehovah; Instructions and Warnings.
IMTC 1013  Studies In Deuteronomy 2
Summary of Israel in the Wilderness; A Restatement of the Law with Warnings and Exhortations; Instructions; Prophecies of Israel up to the Coming of Christ; The Palestinian Covenant; Mosesí final Counsel to Israelís Leaders;The Song of Moses and Parting Blessings; Death of Moses.
IMTC 1014  Studies In Joshua 2
This course begins with a survey of Israelís early history, then restates, explains and elaborates on the Mosaic Law and concludes with prophecies of Israel down to their final return to Palestine.
IMTC 1015  Studies In Judges 2
Review of Israelís Past; First Five Judges; Gibeon; Another Six Judges; Sampson; Confusion in Israel.
IMTC 1017  Harmony of Jewish Kings 2
This is a harmony of the books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles with answers to supposed discrepancies.
IMTC 1018  Studies In Ezra, Esther and Nehemiah 2
EZRAóThe Return under Zerubbabel; Building the Second Temple; The Ministry of Ezra.ESTHERóEsther Chosen as Queen; Estherís Deliverance of Her People; The Jewís Revenge upon Their Enemies.NEHENIAHóNehemiah Given Permission to Visit Jerusalem; The Rebuilding of Jerusalemís Walls; Ezraís Great Revival; The Census; The Dedication; Temple Worship Restored; The Legal Order Restored.
IMTC 1020  Studies In Psalms 2
This is a chapter by chapter study with emphasis being placed on the outline, major words and Messianic emphasis.
IMTC 1023  Studies In Isaiah 2
The Book of Isaiah is here dealt with from both a historical and more importantly from a prophetic perspective as fulfilled in Jesus the Messiah.
IMTC 1024  Studies In Jeremiah 2
This is an examination of the Book of Jeremiah through the scholarly work by Dr. Charles L. Feinberg. It begins with an outstanding historical introduction and is followed by an exegetical study of the entire book.
IMTC 1025  Studies In Ezekiel 2
Judgments on Judah; Judgments on Gentile Nations; Restoration and Blessing on Israel.
IMTC 1026  Studies In Daniel 2
Nebuchadnezzarís First Dream; The Golden Image and Fiery Furnace; Nebuchadnezzarís Humiliation; Belshazzarís Feast; The Lionís Den; Greecian Conquest of Persia; The Seventy Weeks; Tribulation Under Antiochus and Under Antichrist; The Great Tribulation.
IMTC 1027  Studies In Jonah and Nahum 2
These studies sequentially explain the cause and effects of Godís impending judgment upon Israel and the Assyrian Empire.
IMTC 1028  Studies In Amos 2
Examines Godís judgment and justice on the sin of Israel, Judah and the surrounding nations; Godís plea for His people to repent and return unto Him; and Godís future restoration of Israel.
IMTC 1029  Studies In Hosea 2
This study examines Gomerís unfaith-fullness, an indictment and following prophetic retribution by god upon Israel. It concludes with Godís unceasing love and Israelís future restoration.
IMTC 1031  Studies In Zephaniah, Habakkuk & Haggai 2
Zephaniah prophesies the future desolation of Judaea; call to repentance; restoration of the house of Judah; and the destruction of Judahís enemies.Habakkuk, a prophet of Judah, bewails the corruption and social dis-organization by which he is surrounded, and cries to Jehovah for help, and God answers that the Chaldaeans will be destroyed, which increases Habbakukís faith;Haggai, rebuked the exiles for their delay in rebuilding the Temple, then encouraged them by giving them a glimpse of the future glorious Temple; this was folowed by a second rebuke and encoragement by the final overthrow of Gentile world power.
IMTC 1032  Studies In Zechariah 2
Israelís Call to Repentance; Eight Visions to Comfort Jerusalem; The Delegation from Bethel Concerning Fasting; Prophecies Concerning Israelís End Age, and Christís Return and Millennial Reign.
IMTC 1033  Studies In Malachi & Joel 2
MALACHIóThe Love of God for Israel; The Sin of the Priests Rebuked; The Sin of the People Rebuked; The Day of the Lord. JOELóThe Plague Insects; The Day of the Lord; Prophetic Restored Kingdom Blessings on Israel.
IMTC 1034  Studies In The Tabernacle 2
McClintock and Strong present an accurate view of the tabernacle in its Old Testament setting and presented proper New Testament applications.It is profound in its historic and prophetic promises to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the New Testament Church. The authors give a complete description of the Tabernacle with relevant New Testament applications.
IMTC 1050  Studies In Mathew's Gospel 2
This gospel was originally written to the Jews and presents Christ as the Son of David and the Son of Abraham. Its main thrust is the presentation of Jesus Christ as the bona-fide, manifested and rejected King of Israel.
IMTC 1051  Studies In Mark 2
The Beginning of the Gospel; Galilean Ministry; Public Ministry in Jerusalem; Arrest, Trials and Crucifixion of Jesus.
IMTC 1052  Studies In Luke - Part I 2
Christís Birth and Childhood; Christís Beginning Ministry; The Ministry in Galilee.
IMTC 1053  Studies In Luke - Part II 2
The Journey to Jerusalem; In Jerusalem; Christís Rejection, Suffering and Death; His Resurrection and Ascension.
IMTC 1054  Studies In John's Gospel 2
This is an expository study of the fourth Gospel with a special emphasis on Passion Week. It portrays the Gospel of John as the book of ďbelieve.Ē
IMTC 1055  Studies In Acts - Part I 2
The Churchís Preparation; Pente-cost; First Miracle; Persecution; Deacons; Stephen; Evangelization of Samaria; Conversion of Saul and Cornelius; The Gospel to Antioch; Herodís Persecution.
IMTC 1056  Studies In Acts - Part II 2
First Missionary Journey; Jerusalem Council; Second Missionary Journey; Third Missionary Journey; Paulís Defense in Jerusalem; Defenses before Felix, Festus, and Agrippa; Paulís Voyage to Rome.
IMTC 1057  Studies In Romans 2
This course examines the circum-stances surrounding the writing of Romans, then looks at the nature and content of this book from a doctrinal standpoint.
IMTC 1058  Studies In I Corinthians 2
In every chapter, Paul condemns and corrects this carnal church for its abuse of Christian liberty. This study examines each chapter from Paulís corrective standpoint.
IMTC 1059  Studies In II Corinthians 2
Paulís Explanation of His Conduct; Collection for Jerusalemís Needy; Paulís Apostolic Authority.
IMTC 1060  Studies In Galatians 2
Analysis; A Defense of Paul's Authority; A Defense of Justification by Faith; A Defense of Christian Liberty.
IMTC 1061  Studies In Ephesians 2
This study examines the believerís standing in Godís grace, ideal daily service in Christ, and the ideal walk and spiritual war-fare through the indwelling Holy Spirit.
IMTC 1062  Studies In Philippians 2
Introduction; Christ is the Christianís Life; Christ is the Christianís Pattern; Christ is the Object of the Christianís Faith, Desire and Expectation; Christ is the Christianís Strength; Conclusion.
IMTC 1063  Studies In Colossians 2
Apostolic Greeting; Exaltation of Christ; The Godhead Incarnate in Christ; Believers United in Christ; Christian Living; Christian Fellowship.
IMTC 1064  Studies In I & II Thessalonians 2
I THESS.óThe Model Church; The Model Servant Rewarded; The Model Believerís Sanctification; The Model Believerís Deportment; The Day of the Lord; Conclusion.II THESS.óSalutation; Comfort; The Day of the Lord and the Man of Sin; Exhortations and Commands; Benediction.
IMTC 1065  Studies In I Timothy 2
Introduction; Warning About Heresy and Doctrine; Paulís Charge to Timothy; Instruction concerning Prayer and Womenís Place in the Church; Qualifications for Pastors and Deacons; The Deportment of Christís Ministers;The Ministerís Good Works; Warnings to Ministers; Conclusion.
IMTC 1066  Studies In II Titus & Timothy 2
TITUS ó Qualification and Duties of Pastors; True Pastoral Work; Exhortations to Godly Living; Conclusion. II TIMOTHY ó Paulís Charge to Timothy; Christian Deportment in a Day of Apostasy; Apostasy Prophesied; The Faithful Servant; Conclusion.
IMTC 1067  Studies In Hebrews 2
This study reveals confirmation to the Jewish believers that Old Testament Judaism had come to an end through Christís fulfillment of the Old Testament Levitical system.
IMTC 1068  Studies In James 2
Testing of Faith; Control of the Tongue; Rebuke of Worldliness; The Rich are Warned; The Coming of the Lord; Conclusion.
IMTC 1069  Studies In I & II Peter 2
I PETERóIntroduction; Christian Conduct and Suffering in the Light of Complete Salvation; The Christianís Life In View of the Vicarious Suffering of Christ; Christian Service in the Light of the Coming Christ.II PETERó The Great Christian Virtues; The Scriptures Exalted; Warnings of Apostate Teachers; The Second Coming of Christ; The Day of Jehovah.
IMTC 1070  Studies In I, II, and III John 2
I JOHNóChristian Fellowship; Christiansí Enemies; The Lordís Return; Christians Contrasted with Satanic Foes; False Teachers; Christians Assured and Warned; Conclusion.II JOHNóTruth and Love; The Antichristís Deception; Conclusion.III JOHNóIntroduction; Hospitality to Travelers; Diotrepheseí Evil Deeds; Godly Demetrius; Conclusion.
IMTC 1071  Studies In Revelation, Part I 2
Vision of the Risen Christ; Letters to the Seven Churches; Opening the Seven-Sealed Book; Opening the Seventh Seal; The Second Parenthesis; The Seventh Trumpet.
IMTC 1072  Studies In Revelation, Part II 2
The Tribulation Participants; The Seven Vials; Babylonís Judgment; Marriage Supper of the Lamb; Millennial Reign of Christ; New Heaven and Earth; Godís Paradise.
IMTC 1073  Studies In Hermeneutics 2
This is a study of deter-mining the meaning of Biblical passages by ascertaining four things: the meaning of words (lexicology), the form of words (morphology), the function of words (parts of speech), and the relationships of words (syntax).
IMTC 1074  Studies In Homiletics I & II 2
This is a course in the preparation and delivery of Bible Study and sermons.
IMTC 1075  Studies In Bible Doctrines I 2
This course deals with manís relationship to God by examining the doctrines of God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Man, and Salvation.
IMTC 1076  Studies In Bible Doctrines II 2
This course deals with manís relationship in the Christian life by examining the doctrines of the Church, Scriptures, Angels, Satan. Last Things and others.
IMTC 1077  Cult Religions - Part One 2
This is a study of major false religions in Christianity. It deals with their history and doctrinal deviations from the Word of God along with the correct interpretation of pertinent passages.
IMTC 1078  Occult Religions - Part Two 2
This is a study of major false religions apart from biblical Christianity. It deals with their history and doctrinal deviations from the Word of God along with the correct interpretation of pertinent passages.
IMTC 1079  Studies In Missions I 2
This study examines the initial needed missionary preparations and the beginnings on the mission field. It is the conclusions drawn from a successful missionary on the field for many years.
IMTC 1080  Studies In Missions II 2
This study examines the life and work of the missionary. These two courses on Missions is a must for any student considering service as a missionary. They real the challenges, hardships, and means for success of missionary service.
IMTC 1081  Studies In Soul-Winning Doctrines 2
This course examines the doctrines and verses involved as a background for leading others to Christ.
IMTC 1082  Studies In Pneumatology - Holy Spirit 2
The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit is dealt with His personality, deity, names, emblems, ministries and gifts.
IMTC 1083  Studies In Prayer 2
Praying to God; Praying According to Godís Will; Praying in the Spirit; Abiding in Christ; Praying with Thanksgiving; Hindrances to Prayer.
IREC 1011  Sunday School Evangelism - How To Win To Christ 2
This course shows how to win both adults and youth in the Sunday School and deals with the difficulties and questions.
IREC 2001  Studies in English Grammar Review 2
This is intended as a review of the studentís previous studies in English grammar. In order to properly understand the Word of God and related works, one must have a working knowledge of its foundational structure.